We’ve taken away the hassle – all our subscriptions come ready with the right licences

So depending on the service you choose - you can play (almost) anything.
And your callers won’t have to listen to the music that came with your phone system, 
or silence (callers don’t like that. We can’t blame them.). 

Music played on the phone is considered a ‘public performance’ – and so royalties through licencing apply.
We’ve taken care of everything for you, but just so you know, here’s a little info about the different kinds of
music you can play – and the licences needed to play them.

The music

‘Chart music’ - or well known songs: Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, The Beach Boys...

The licence

PPL (Phonographic Performance Limited) represent the interests of record companies and artists by licensing sound recordings for public performance.

They also represent the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) - probably best known as the producers of the “Brit Awards”. Whenever a sound recordings are copied for public performance, BPI need to give permission first, as they represent the copyright of record companies and artist

Prs -for -music -logo -220

The music

Mainly instrumentals, professionally written to be used with any medium.

The licence

PRS For Music, previously known as the Performing Right Society Limited, represent the interests of composers and publishers of a music title and grant public performance rights.


Royalty Free

The music

Typically of a lower quality than music covered by PRS - ‘Elevator music’

No licence required

Composers of Royalty Free music don’t submit their tracks for licencing and can usually be bought with a one off payment. This is then free to use anywhere.

You might need to prove it’s exempt from PPL or PRS licensing.

Both PPL and PRS Music On Hold licence tariffs are based on the number of phone lines connected to the system on which the music is heard – also needed is a licence to copy copyrighted music which is included in your subscription.